mood: chillin

June 19th, 2022 A.D.

whuts up everyone. i think the last time i updated the site was like, october last year lmfao. i guess i just kinda got bored of it?

anyway, im back now. uhhh lets see whats new? i've been learning arabic, thats been fun. rn i'm trying to get a good base of MSA before i get into the egyptian dialect. it's a very beautiful language i love it so far, though it is very challenging.

idk what im gonna draw for the doodle on this post lmfao.

oh also, my little sister graduated high school earlier this month. kinda crazy, she's the youngest of all my siblings and its wacky to me to think that we're all grown now. the ceremony was mad boring but the next day we had a party which was nice. my dad and his mom showed up, which suprised me i didnt expect him to come.

i think the last time i saw him before that was in like 2018. idk. i dont really think about him much. it was nice to see him and my grandma though, and my siblings seemed to be happy that they came.

anyway yeah other than all that not a whole ton new, just chillin per usual. we had a BBQ at my mom's place for fathers day/her birthday today, pretty fun. also happy juneteenth!

so yeah anyway i'm back on here, in the middle of cleaning some pages up and aggregating some more bullshit to throw on here so stay tuned! i'll try to get back into posting regularly to the blog. im also working on a system for these too.

as it stands now i just type these posts in on my text editor as plain html but im thinkin im gonna set up a whole database so u can sort them and leave likes and stuff like that, then i could also throw the latest update on the homepage easily. its just tedious to do

also how do you guys like the new logo? it's the letter 'V' in my taxnul script (though the V-sound is actually romanized as <w>) and i think the choice of the simpson font was cool and fitting