Nov. 3rd, 2021 A.D.

whats up hoes! i been doin good lately :) been workin on some music, im psyched to post it all when im done.

i feel like ive been gettin a lot better at that, i listened to some of my older tracks the other day and the difference between that and my newer tracks on spotify feels pretty cool for me to hear.

also yeah i would have liked to have drawn a new comic strip by now but last week my photoshop subscription ran out and we're a little strapped for cash at the moment so thats gonna have to just wait another week probably, so ya sry about that lol. i'm kinda contemplating moving over to some other program but idk, i regularly use photoshop, illustrator, after effects, indesign, and premiere so not only would i have to find replacements for all those programs but im also just already so used to using them all it'd be hella annoying to learn anything else. idk, if u have any suggestions comment them on my neocities profile or something.

i went to a halloween party the other night and that was fun as hell, certainly more fun than last halloween. i got so blasted though i was bedridden the whole next day lmfao. a couple of my other friends were way too drunk at the party and started pukin n shit so hey at least i wasnt them LOL.

yo i also got this sick new vinyl record in the mail last week!! it's the instrumentals for deltron 3030, i'll probably throw up some pics and a short writeup on my record collection page when i'm feeling up to it.

in other news, im writing this at 9:30 AM and i've got a job interview in about an hour. im kinda psyched cuz my best friend works at the place so it'd be radd to work with her. i'm also aquainted with one of her coworkers, i spent a good portion of the party the other night hangin out with her and she's pretty cool too. it's been like, 3 years since ive had a real job though so idk itll probably be somewhat annoying to do, at least its only barely a 5 minute walk from my apartment.

idk i hope the interview goes well. i'm sure it will but its been so long since i done one of these that i'm just a little nervous. also idk if im dressed quite properly, but maybe im just being self-conscious. actually, i think i'll just stop here and write the rest of the post in a couple hours after i get back. yeah, lets do that lol. i'll put a line break or something to mark when i get back.

okay, it is now 11 AM and i am back from my interview. i think it went well enough, i'm definitely qualified to do the work and i think i came off as compitent. idk, its out of my hands now. he said he'd call back no later than tomorrow evening so i guess we'll see. i do hope i get it though lol, it'd be nice to have something to get me out of the house more often. i just dread working with the public but hey whatre you gonna do?

anyway, yeah. that's whats been goin on in my life

see yall l8r



Oct. 17, 2021 A.D.

Yo whats up hoes, its been a while. Actually i think its been like a year since i really updated the site.

I been bored as fuck lately, kinda just spending all my time playing valorant lmfao. i wanna get back into neocities again, i kinda miss it.

so yea, im gonna be adding stuff to the site i guess. its kinda been boring as hell for the longest time literally just a page full of links to my socials. imma try to put some stuff thats actually worth visiting for.

i already put a little section for an album of the week and my recently played on last.fm, so at least theres something there now. maybe i'll start posting some little comic strips or something, idk.

anyway, last week was rly disappointing :/ i had tickets to the 100 gecs show in seattle so me and my boyfriend got an airBNB for the week, it was okay but on the 13th we went to the show but couldnt get in cause i havent had my second dose of the vaccine >m< i didnt know that was a requirement. so ya i got kinda upset by that and we just drove back home that night evn though we planned to stay longer. kinda sucked :/ oh yea and we also got a parking ticket while we were waiting in line :)

also been trying to work on my card game, its rly fucking tedious though. i need to illustrate like 90 more cards and like honestly i dont think my art style lends itself to what id like the cards to look like :/ it'd be cool if i could commission a bunch of people to do the art for me but sadly i dont have the funding neccessary for that. if i did though i have a lot of peeps in mind, especially people from around the neocities community.

rly not much else goin on, so ya i guess i'll sign off now