November 17th, 2020

yoooo whats up guys. been a minute :3

ive been doin okay! working on random stuff. i've been posting to my soundcloud more often, and trying to learn Godot.

ive got a little demo here of what ive been able to put together with that, it's been fun :3c

ive also been trying to reread homestuck because im trash and i like it

did you guys see the HS^2 update on halloween? that shit was so sad i literally sobbed for like 2 hours after i read it ;~; davekat always hits me square in the feels

OH! and me and my boyfriend have been working on this little CCG, its soooo fun i love it. its kinda like MTG or yugioh but better lmfao

also omfg speaking of crying fucking. Alex Trebek passed away ;~; im still so fucking sad about it. Jeopardy has been like my favorite thing since i was rly little i've always loved it. me and my bf are always going to visit my grandparents for dinner and Jeopardy and i can't imagine how it'll be to go over there and watch the show without Alex :(

he's been such a huge lifelong inspiration to me. truly, he will be missed.

Thanks, Alex.

violet <3

August 30th, 2020

what is POPPING everyone? i havent got a ton going on honestly. just kinda chillin with my boyfriend and our dog lmao.

my fuckin. car broke down a couple weeks ago, and there was a whole bunch of bullshit with that but we figured it out and so tomorrow we gotta go pick up a new alternator. idk i have no clue how cars work at all lmao.

in other news i dyed my hair for the first time yesterday :3c we were at target and i said fuck it and picked up some teal box dye and hair bleach. it didnt come out perfect because i didnt know what i was doing but i think i look rad >:^) idk why i'd never done it before, i always wanted to since i was younger but for some reason i was always afraid of ruining my hair or something. idk. i've always been rly particular about my hair ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but yeah. not much else to rly talk about here, ive been kinda bored. been makin music, playing a ton of TTT in Garrysmod lol its fuckin fun. oh! and ive been kinda working on another comic thing :3c idk its just kinda somethin im doing in between things when im bored

so yeah uh. with regards,

violet <3

August 1st, 2020

yooooooooooo so it's been like a month lmfao. here's a funni meme 4 you all

i'm doin okay, haven't had much energy lately so i havent rly done much :/ mostly just playing video games and hanging out with my boyfriend.

i fuckin. bought the new destroy all humans remaster the other day and it's SO FUN >:3c the DAH games were always my favorites to play on my PS2 growing up so it's been a total nostalgiafest. I've played the original games soooo many times and it's kinda weird to see all the shit i remember but all HD and schmancy.

anyway yeah. im doing absolutely nothing lmfao. also its fuckin. HOT here. it's been like fucking 100+ degrees out pretty much all week and my car doesn't have AC so iiiiiiiiiiiiiii wanna die.

ive had a few ideas for some creative endevours, idk i might work on them here and there in the coming weeks. idk. i have a problem about sterting shit and never finishing it, i'm basically stupid.

uh anyway yeah

with regards,

violet <3

July 4th, 2020

Well, hey there everyone! :) it's been a minute since i last posted but i have lots of exciting news!

Firstly, i'm sure you've noticed the redesign :3c i was getting kinda sick of the way the site was put together, so i'm working on a whole new look :p a lot of pages aren't quite done yet, so i'll be adding more stuff as the days go by :3c

In other news, i got a new dog!!! His name is Tater Tot, and he was a stray before he got taken into a local animal shelter. We adopted him about a weeka go and he is suuuch a sweetheart! He loves to cuddle and go on walks, and he's just the sweetest dog ive ever met. I instantly bonded with him the second we got to the shelter and had time to meet him <3 I've been so so so happy since he joined our lil family ^u^

Anyway, yeah! Life's good right now c: Guess you guys will hear from me later :p

Sincerely yours,

Violet <3 (p.s. fuck amerikkka)